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Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have so much to be grateful for!


Here is some holiday entertainment for you!

The links below will bring the videos up in a new window! 

Jim & Jan Figure Skating!
Bobby Boofay Singing The Crazy Turkey Song!
A Boofay Family Thanksgiving!
Hope You Enjoy them!

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I notice the flashing blue lights in the rearview.  He is wanting me to pull over?  What could I have done wrong?  I’m doing the speed limit and all my lights are working.  I spot an exit so I signal,  pull off the interstate and drive up to a wide spot.  I pull the brakes and hit the flashers and wait for him to walk up. 


     He shines the light into my west coast mirror.  “Step out of the cab driver and keep your hands where I can see them!”

     “Oh crap” I think “what the heck?”  So I unbuckle my seat belt and open the door.  As I step out he yells at me. “Place your hands behind your back and turn around driver”.  I don’t try to reason with him or ask him anything.  I know he’s got a gun and all the authority he needs.  I comply quickly and he walks up, grabs my wrists and cuffs me as he kicks my feet apart.  He places his hand on the back of my neck and shoves my head against the cab.

“Do you know why I stopped you driver?” he asks.  Before I can answer he tells me “Think you can run one past me?  I’ve dealt with people like you before, your kind has a total lack of respect for the law.”

Wondering what it was that I could have done to fire him up like this, I get up the nerve to ask “What have I done wrong?”

“Don’t play stupid with me driver, I know that you have been talking on your cell phone.  My phone signal detector has identified your truck as the culprit and I’m gonna run you in.  It’s a federal offense to be using or being in possession of  an electronic device in a commercial vehicle”.  He had an evil grin on his face as he kept on talking.  “I can’t believe you’d place the public’s safety at risk like this.  Just wait till the judge gets ahold of you.  You won’t see the light of day for a long long time.  By the way, do you have anymore electronic devices in your truck?”


Groaning I thought of my laptop, G.P.S., Sirius radio receiver, my new sony radio, my digital tire gauge, my television and it’s remote control, my microwave, my refridgerator, my E.O.B.R. and my digital wristwatch I just bought. 

“Yes I do officer” I reply.

“Well you know I”m gonna have to confiscate those items also and I’m gonna have to tow this truck off until we get all of those items out of there.  It’s definitely not safe to operate with all of those distractions in there” he says.  “Have anything to say for yourself?” he asks.


“Can you at least kiss me first before you screw me over?”  

What I’m wondering is how far into the future is this scenario?

Stay safe and prosper,



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 Have you ever wondered why you see more owner operators pulling  J. B. HUNT trailers?

Are you aware of what it takes to be a successful owner operator?

On your own:

      As an owner operator, you might want to go totally independent or partner with a carrier.  When it comes to paperwork and planning , you are on your own when you are an independent.  Which means fuel taxes, load planning, accounts receivable, fuel purchases, broker relationships, maintenance account funding,, credit reports, compliance, trip planning and cash flow to keep your truck moving down the road are now your responsibility.   In other words, you will have to have an office on the road.  A tractor with 70 inches of space is pretty small  to run this operation from, so you might want to hire on someone to do these things for you.  Now you need only to communicate and send reports, bills of lading, mileage reports and other variable information to the person that you hired to do this. 

Costs involved:

     Another thing that you might want on hand is enough fuel money and operational expenses to last for about 90 days just in case your cash flow is interrupted by slow paying brokers/shippers.  I think that somewhere around $20,000.00 might be enough to carry you through until the cash flow starts.   Using a factoring company is also an option.  They’ll charge you around 6 to 11% of the total haul bill if the shippers/brokers credit was worthy.  This  would help you with operating expenses so you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to chase down your money.


     Yes, it can be a lot of hassle and  sometimes be troublesome for one person to handle.  However the person that can manage all these things successfully will find great financial rewards in doing so if they can keep their truck moving while doing it.  In my opinion,  this is the number one obstacle for all drivers who have an “independent spirit” that keeps them from getting their own authority and managing their own accounts.

Partnering with a carrier:

     The obstacles I mentioned above are the reasons that so many  owner operators  decide to “partner” with a large carrier.  When you own a truck , you need to  maximize that truck’s profitability while keeping it moving.  You can’t keep it moving unless you keep all of your ducks in a row and manage all the required information needed for your operation.  This is why the “larger” carriers have a variety of pay plans for o/o’s to choose from.  For their trouble, they charge a percentage of the load or just pay you a flat rate for hauling the loads that they have arranged thru their own brokerage or outside brokers.  Most of the o/o’s that I know (and most companies for that matter) are on the traditional “mileage” plan.  This is where they pay you somewhere around .85 cents to $1.10 per mile plus fuel surcharge.  Pay for empty miles varies and may not be offered at all.

     A percentage of the load pay is another offering that some companies are using to compensate their o/o’s.  This usually is around 65% to 80%.  This number varies and it’s because the carrier sometimes will pay more to an o/o if he has and maintains his own trailer.  This type of compensation (percentage) has no provision for paying any dead-head miles and is usually paid (or eaten) by the owner op.  Some even have a “trailer usage” fee where they charge the o/o for weekly use even if he is taking that week off.  The one I am with has great equipment and maintains it well so I’m never hunting down a repair facility or waiting on a road service. 

     Carriers differ in some very important ways.  The larger the carrier the more “buying power” they have and will pass on the savings to their leased on operators. This can really help the o/o’s bottom line.   Some don’t however.  One particular carrier I know gets a volume discount on their fuel but doesn’t pass it on.  This means that they get somewhere from .20 to .30 cents off of the pump price but doesn’t apply it to the leased operator.  This means they are making lots of money off the fuel you buy to pull their freight.   

Why I chose J. B. HUNT:

     The carrier that I have chosen to partner with is J. B. HUNT.  I work with a large team of professionals who have been in the business for a long time.  They pass on their savings directly to their o/o’s and it’s a discount that can’t be matched by anyone else.  I have been able to maintain, insure, fuel and operate my business at a much lower cost than I would have if I had been with elsewhere.  I can always count on a well maintained trailer with no rental involved and most loads are drop & hook. They also have an affordable health plan that I take advantage of .

I work on a percentage plan and I’m also  able to pick my own loads and dispatch myself so I can keep my business rolling.  I have learned what freight lanes are the most profitable and I run those areas.  That’s only good business.  I used to work with another company who also had a load board but the deliveries and pickups were always jumbled around and the agents would sometimes sell that load to their buddy if it paid really well,  leaving me without a load at the last-minute. They also had a habit of pocketing the fuel surcharge for many loads. 

    J. B. Hunt has several programs for an o/o to choose from. Tired of running O.T.R.?  J.B. is now offering O/O’s dedicated and intermodal routes.  You can try out one of their programs,  and if it doesn’t suit you,  go into another one of their divisions if you like. The pay is good, the people are great and they want to insure your success like they have mine. 

    With all the advantages of being leased on to J.B.Hunt without all the hassles if I was an independent, it’s a no-brainer to be partnered with the best carrier in the Business. 

     Safety is a priority at J.B. Hunt so the equipment is well maintained and they have the highest safety rating for a carrier their size.  This is most certainly an added benefit.

Read MY Story!

 Low overhead and operating expenses, great fuel discount, health insurance plans and  reliable equipment with a respected company are just a few reasons more owner operators are choosing to lease on to J. B. Hunt.

     If you have any questions on how to get started with J.B.Hunt or would like more information about the  programs available like the one that I’m on,  e-mail me @ keystrucker@yahoo.com



Stay Safe and Prosper,



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(I sware, I red it in histree skool!)

I am sure everyone has heard about may 5th being a holiday for our neighbors down south.  I asked Bobby Boofay about it and this is what he told me.  

Ya cee, bak inna ninteen hunnerts, they wuz brangun sum newly fangeled stuf from over thu see onna boat.  It were sum stuff maid frum aig whites n such n they cauld it may a naise.  Folks frum ebberwhre wassa puttin thet stuff onna samiches and ther wuz a big ta-do ober it.  thet boat sayled inta Noo York harber n give alla them city folk summa thet may a naise.  Wall, thu next stop wuz Mexico an they shore wuz lookun forwerd to havun summa thet may-a-naise onna ther sammaches too.  It wuz onna may fifth thet they wazza gathered onna shorline waitun onnna boat to come in.  Afore thet boat cud make it inna port it runna ground and wint down.  Thu mexican’s cryed and cryed and thur presadent declared it a nashunul holliday of mournin and they cauld it “Sinko-de-Mayo” 

Now you know the real meaning of the holiday 🙂 

Stay safe:


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