You hear a lot of talk about the shortage of truck drivers.  Well, in this blogger’s opinion there is a severe shortage.  There are plenty of folks driving trucks but not so many “real” truckers out there.  However there are quite a few of those “steering wheel holders”.  These are folks who just do it for the money until they can find something better to do.  They are not real educated on the trucking lifestyle and hate their jobs.  They are miserable and don’t care or respect any of the old traditions that truckers have built up over the years.  They disrespect the public, throw trash all over the truck stops, speed and tailgate, think they are entitled to everything, speed through truck stops and kill others truckers  and are a disgrace to the rest of us out here doing what we love to do.

     There used to be an honor to driving a truck.  We used to be the “Knights of the Road”.  It was a profession rooted in heritage, pride and brotherhood.  We had respect from the motoring public and they used to look up to us in somewhat of an “awe”.  Truck stops used to honor us too.  They appreciated it when we chose their establishment to stop at and spend our hard-earned dollars there.   Now that we have this “new breed” of drivers they are getting tired of the vandalism, un-gratefulness and disrespect they are having to deal with.    Our once “proud profession” has been infiltrated by some folks with very questionable character.

The difference between Truckers and Steering Wheel Holders:

A steering wheel holder speeds through truck stops, only caring about himself and has total disregard for his fellow drivers, thinking the quicker he gets back on the road the more money he will make.  Some of them will even run their jake brakes or blow their air horn when we are trying to get our rest.   A Trucker will go slowly through the truck stops, keeping a keen eye out because he  knows  that his fellow drivers may be tired from driving all day and may not be paying attention. 

Steering wheel holders get mad and argue with shippers and receivers when they arrive early or late for their appointments, still wanting the service they should have gotten if they had been there on time.  Truck drivers arrive on time for their appointments and understand when there is a glitch in the suppliers schedule and work around it.

Steering wheel holders tailgate and speed, not caring about the dangers they put others in or the image they portray to the public.  Truck drivers know how long it takes to bring that truck to a halt.  They are in it for the long haul and respect the public by staying back from their bumpers.

Steering wheel holders will call road service for something as simple as a marker light being out.  Truckers will repair the discrepancy if they can and put forth an effort to keep the company from having to call out a road service.

Steering wheel holders have the attitude that “It’s not my truck or trailer or fuel”. Truckers take responsibility for their assigned equipment and treat it like their own.  They know if the company makes money they will too. 

Steering wheel holders will not stop to help or offer to help anyone on the road or in a truck stop.  They are blind to the plights of others and could care less.  Truckers will stop to help someone else or at least call on the CB to ensure that the other driver is ok.  They will also help a driver back into a tight spot while steering wheel holders will only blow their horn if they get too close to their truck.

Steering wheel holders park on the fuel island to get stuff to eat and use the bathroom and sometimes a shower  without even pulling forward first and get in the way of everyone else, thinking the world revolves around them.  Truck drivers realize the importance of getting in and out of the way of others and are respectful of other drivers time.

Steering wheel holders seldom do a pre-trip inspection.  They get up in the morning and just take off without checking the equipment out.  Truck drivers make sure their lights, tires and fluid levels are ok and check the overall integrity of their truck and trailer. 

Maybe one day these guys will come around and see that they need to change their ways and share the love of the road with the rest of us.  Until then, the headaches will continue…

Stay safe and prosper,



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