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If truckers had the same perks as congressmen we would be able to:

1. Give ourselves unlimited pay raises

2. Take 6 months of the year off while the taxpayers footed the bill.

3. Have others wash our trucks for us at no cost.

4. Make four wheelers restricted to the right lane only and make them go 55.

5. Make every shipper/receiver have a drivers lounge with cushy couches, big screen televisions and girls in short skirts to wait on us hand and foot. Oh, and make it a law for them to be nice to us.

6. Make every truck stop have a shuttle service and attendants to pump your fuel for you, have a picnic table at every parking spot with electric hookups and truckhops instead of carhops to get our coffee from inside.

7. Make every truck a minimum of 102″ with every comfort device available so we are not so cramped up and unlimited warranties on all components for 1,000,000 miles and a reliable a.p.u.

8. Make all shippers/receivers be right off the exit with signs that are 30 feet tall with extra wide docks to pull into.

9. Make every state repave their highways we travel on…especially louisiana.

10. Make it law that we can drive whenever we want to when we want to as long as we get our rest.

Well, that’s about all I can think of. What do you think?

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