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Many down-trodden and victimized people are unable to bring attention to the plights that are taking place  in their lives. Truckers Against Trafficking is helping to spread the word to make  that “voice”  a “SHOUT”.

So let’s put this into perspective. They (trafficking victims) are getting robbed of their youth and any chance to live a normal life by greedy traffickers, that not only beat them down physically but mentally as well!


Memorize the hotline number so you can call it and give to others to call.


Watch the videos on the TRUCKERS AGAINST TRAFFICKING website and share it with friends, family and coworkers.

Remember that things aren’t always as they seem. We have been conditioned by society to look down on prostitutes regardless of age, gender or reason.  We must RECONDITION ourselves and others through education. We must learn to EMPATHIZE.

If you were getting robbed, beaten and humiliated,

wouldn’t you want someone SHOUTING to help you?


JOIN  Truckers Against Trafficking on Facebook…

Follow them on TWITTER




The more voices we have in the choir,

the louder and more powerful we can become…..


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We would like to share this very exciting announcement we received today:


St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, July 10, 2012 –The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (SCF), a non-profit organization that helps truck drivers suffering from financial hardship due to medical problems, announces the BIG RIG OF CHANGE campaign.

This event is inspired by “Little” John Leistra from Ontario, Canada who has donated change to the SCF since 2008. His most recent donation was 22.6 lbs. of change, which he dropped off at the Mid-America Truck Show in March 2012! Little John’s idea is for drivers to collect their change with the goal of collecting 80,000 lbs., the weight of a fully loaded rig.

Drivers are encouraged to save their change and bring it to a trucking event like Walcott Truckers Jamboree, Expedite Expo, Great Lakes Truck Show, the Great American Trucking Show, and the Mid-America Truck Show to be weighed and collected at the TA/Petro/SCF booth. This collection of change will continue until the BIG RIG IS FILLED with 80,000 lbs. of change. The hope is to meet this goal by the end of the 2013 Mid-America Truck Show.
“I think the Big Rig of Change idea is fantastic: What a simple way to make such a huge difference in the lives of your fellow drivers!” said Dr. Donna Kennedy, Executive Director of the SCF.

For more information on the St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund see www.truckersfund.org, and on facebook and twitter – St. Christopher Fund

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“Always Have a Witness”…. That’s the Motto of  Many Dash Cam Owners!

Why do truckers need dash cams? 

Why are some against them?

Consider this ……

You are involved in a fatality crash that you know is not your fault.  The following are two possible endings to this story. The first one is what could happen if you have no witnesses.The second is  what might happen when you have the VideoDashCam witness to show who’s really to blame!


You are automatically assumed at fault.  The police have an attitude and treat you like a criminal as they comb through your paperwork and search your truck for anything that they can nail you with. You are questioned over and over and then asked to submit to drug test.  They eventually determine that you were probably speeding so you are charged. Speeding, vehicular homicide, reckless driving a commercial vehicle, they find a few minor things wrong with your truck like a marker light out or turn signal light not working , even  washer fluid dispenser not operable and write a long list of petty violations as well, to make it look good.. After all you must be at fault cause you are a trucker.. You lose your job, got to jail and have a ridiculously high bond set… and there you sit… awaiting your fate, knowing your life as you knew it, is basically over. The worst part is you know in your heart, that it was not your fault but there is nothing you can do because there were no witnesses!


You are automatically assumed at fault.  The police have an attitude and treat you like a criminal as they comb through your paperwork and search your truck for anything that they can nail you with. Then they see the dash cam…. Everything changes.. You are given the chance to tell your story with the camera  still rolling as all the aftermath is taking place.  You then invite the officers to view the footage..  After viewing the footage, the officers  realize you are not at fault.   No charges are made and they don’t even inspect any further or make you submit to any testing because it is clearly not your fault. You are consoled, asked if you are ok and offered medical attention, they treat you more like a victim of tragic circumstance, which in fact, you are.

Now which scenario would YOU rather be a part of??

To me, having a dash cam is a no brainer!

I have seen some opposing views on this matter due to the “big brother” syndrome.  But really, the dash cam is YOUR property.  As a responsible driver, you should always use caution and practice safe driving, so how could the footage possibly be used against you if you are a safe driver anyway??  IT CAN’T! Remember, you are not obligated to give up the footage without a warrant!

Consider this…

You pull into a truck stop and get ready to turn in for the night. You keep the dash cam running as you pull the curtain and go to bed.  You are wakened a few hours later by a loud bang. You hop up and open the curtain and there is another driver taking off out of the lot. Half of your hood is gone and the person responsible is fleeing the scene!  But guess what? You have it all on the dash cam. You call the police and they are able to get the tag # off the footage, the other driver is tracked down and thrown in jail. His insurance pays for the damage to your truck.

If you didn’t have a dash cam, YOU would have to pay for this yourself or turn it in to your insurance company and be responsible for the deductible.  You would be able to file a police report but without a witness, there would be nothing they could do. You face your insurance rates possibly going up because you had to make a claim. You miss valuable time, revenue and have out-of-pocket expense that could have been avoided, had you had that witness on the dash cam!

Not only can the dash cam save your own rear end, but it can help save others as well.  Your dash cam could save another driver from the expense and heartache of several situations, not to mention other crimes you might catch on it like underage sex trafficking, robberies and other criminal activity that are still prevalent  in truck stops and rest areas..

We have been pulled over a couple of times since having our dash cam. It was one of those situations where it seemed like truckers were being targeted for a revenue campaign! You can see the change in facial expression when the officer walks up to the truck and sees that sign right there under your door that says “This Vehicle is Protected by a Video Dash Cam”.  We had one officer actually ask if we really had one! In both cases, they were friendly and sent us on our way after asking a few simple questions. One of the officers actually gave us some helpful advice! It was so strange to have these guys be so nice without the expected bad attitude! Kinda like “big brother” was actually looking out for US and watching THEM!!

Dash Cams are very affordable and in my book, the only thing more important to have in the truck is my cell phone! Besides, I get some fun video footage off it now and then to post on YouTube!!

Protect yourself and your future and invest in a Dash Cam and you’ll Aways Have a Witness!!


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I have heard that a bit of talk has been going on about our stance on the E.O.B.R. situation that’s going on right now and thought it fitting to set the record straight!

YES… we used to have a Qualcomm MCP 200 unit in the truck and loved having it.

NO… It was never used as a management tool against us.

YES… There ARE companies out there that are using these as “management tools”

NO… We were never put in a harassment situation regarding this unit and NEVER asked to do anything Illegal.

YES… These units CAN BE EDITED… some features by the driver and some ONLY by the company.

YES… It saved our ass a couple of times when another driver tried to nail us with a FALSE  hit and run accusation! (we now have a video dash cam for this)

NO… It was NOT forced on us.

YES… It was OUR CHOICE to have it.


Just because we were given the choice to have one of these units and liked having it, doesn’t mean we are for mandating them.



There is No Paper trail!!!!  Get it??? No paper trail, no actual signatures and who knows WHO actually made the entries!!!

These systems are equipped with features that could make it easy to for a driver or a manager or both to falsify what ever they want… to cover up anything!!!

You may ask WHY did we say yes and agree to have one installed. The reason is that we wanted to see for ourselves what the “REAL DEAL” was!

We were in and ideal situation that other drivers aren’t. We were leased on the to a good company who does not use these against their drivers but actually put these units in place for the RIGHT reasons. Unfortunately, they are the exception and not the rule!

It’s true that when you have electronic logs that most D.O.T. officers will not ask to even look at the unit. This alone, is alarming because the units are editable and lord knows how long that driver has actually been “on duty” or even if he or she bothered to log on to the unit! (this too can easily be edited from the other end)

In MY opinion, these units have way too many flaws and this actually makes it easier for the driver and the person with editing access to break the law.  There is no actual writing and no actual signatures either which could potentially open the door to sabotage or harassment.

At least with the paper logs, they can’t change it on you without the possibility of being caught forging a federal document!

So it is my statement that I do not feel that mandating the E.O.B.R will make our roads safer, in fact it will do the exact opposite because these units will make it easier to “look” compliant while blatantly breaking the law. Everyone from the driver to the upper management in the trucking companies will be able to find ways to “beat the system” if they want to, and believe me, many WILL!

 (I’ve been told that if you look hard enough, you can find training videos on how to break into the system and alter the records)





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March 2012,  marks the fifth year for Women In Trucking!!!

I must say that I am proud to be a part of this organization and wish I had come to my senses sooner!! My husband and I joined Women in Trucking last year at the Expedite Expo in Ohio after realizing just how much good this organization and the people in it are doing and trying to do for the trucking industry.

The events that I have attended have been positively uplifting and I look forward to many more!!!

If you are not a member yet, the time to join is NOW!! There are so many benefits to membership. Click on the Women In Trucking Log to visit their website and check out what YOU’VE been missing!!


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The Keystruckers

I know you’ve heard it said by many who complain on a regular basis that truckers are “disposable”. In other words, in some cases and at some companies, there’s  a list of new recruits just waiting for your job.  Is that what YOU think?

We have never felt that we were “disposable” except maybe at the first company we went to work for years ago. We weren’t there very long and soon found our place elsewhere and have not felt that way since!

To me, the disposable trucker is one that’s on the verge of losing his or her job for various reasons.  I think in some cases, being a disposable trucker in some way is a result of some not so smart choices that may have been made throughout one’s driving career.

The Story of The Disposable Trucker

Johnny Smith barely made it out of high-school. He didn’t…

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