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You just never know who or what you will run into at a truck stop these days!

We stopped for the night at the Petro in Oak Grove Mo. and were outside with Rocky while he did his sniffing routine!  There was a very nice couple out there also with their dog. They told us about “JAKE”, one of Hunters Travelers and asked if we’d like to help out by taking him with us for a little bit!  We are glad he will be with us for a little while and even Bobby Boofay is going to help out!

Hunter is a 14 year old boy from a small town in OHIO.  He has stage 4 Renal failure-chronic pancreatitus and Biliary cirhosis of the liver.

Now I’m not going to give too much away because we would like for all of you to show your support byJake 2 going to his facebook page.

All I can say is he’s going to have so much fun with Bobby Boofay and we promise not to let him get in any trouble!

It’s times like this that really make us LOVE trucking!!

If you would like to have “jake” travel with you, please send us a note!

Happy Trails!

Jim & Jan

Here is the link to the HuntersTraveler Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HuntersTraveler

Jake at OOIDA

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You hear of the stories everyday or at least once a week.  Children and young adults being bullied until they do something unthinkable, the act of suicide.  This problem is on a global scale.  It is much easier to do with the help of the internet.  Many social venues offer a quick easy way to “bully” someone and make them feel inferior.  To keep your child from doing a unreprehensible deed like bullying, you need to have a long talk with them about real human values. 

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening to your child is to have a relationship with them.  If your child has become a bully there is help and it all begins with the PARENT!!!

I would hope that the relationship that you have with your child is one that is built on honesty, trust and most of all friendship.  Children who can talk to their parents about “anything” are the ones who are the best adjusted and successful in life.  If however, the parent lacks communication with the off-spring then there is going to be trouble, period.  Maybe you are so busy trying to pay for all the things they need that you have no time for any of it.  No excuse.  There is a reason, so it’s up to you, the parent, to prevent it…..

Here as some examples of how a child can become a bully.

1. Lack of adult supervision or left to fend for themselves.  If a child is left alone with no interaction with adults that is very irresponsible of the parent.  If you would like for the child to  be a reflection of you then you need to teach him/her some values.  I’m sure that as a child you were taught things to make you a better adult.  Can’t you spare some time for your child and give him/her a better chance?  After all, you took the time to conceive him/her so please take some time to teach and educate your child.  A child that is left alone with no one to teach it or to spend adult time with it might feel rejected and have some very hurt feelings.  This only leads to getting used to having your feelings hurt or to hurt other’s feelings!  (a bully).

2. The reason bully’s victimize others is to make the other child cry.  Why? Because inside the bully is crying out and wants others to feel like they do.  One other reason bullys victimize is because they have been rejected by their parents and they want to feel like they are better than the other person.  Making someone feel bad about themselves is easy for a bully to do, therefore making him feel somewhat important.   The main thing to remember here is that there would be no victims of bullying if there were no bully’s around!!! Have a heart to heart talk with your child and make sure that you are instilling the same values you had as a child. Let him/her know that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated with respect and tolerance if they are “different” from they are. I know that as a parent you would not want to get a report back from the authorities that said your child had bullied someone to the point of suicide.  Be aware, this happens almost every day in America. There are thousands of children being found dead by their own hand every year and it seems to be getting worse and worse… Please make sure that you aren’t enabling your child to be a bully at school or anywhere else.  Talk with them and try to get past the facade they may be trying to pass off and get to the real child behind it. 

You can make this world a better place for many people and even save lives.  Please talk to your child about bullying and make it soon… 


All The Best,

The Keystruckers….

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It’s Christmas Eve and for the first time in a long time, we are able to spend this Christmas with family! What a blessing!

We hope that no matter where you are or who you are with that you ALL have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

usGive the gift of YOURSELF to someone for Christmas!  There are many people who are down and out or depressed and need that smile, hug or even a little caring conversation! If you are able, buy someone a cup of coffee or a meal at the register! Restoring someone’s faith in humanity is a great gift to give!

rocky & daddyGOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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